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VGTU Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute offers professional training in aviation according to two study modes: university studies (integrated study programmes) and professional training (module study programmes). Therefore, the students are able to choose the form and level that suits them best. All study programmes have been certified by the Lithuanian Civil Aviation Administration, which confirms that these activities meet the standard requirements of international aviation organisations ICAO and EASA.
If you are interested in a university degree
Studies in Aviation Mechanics Engineering and Avionics for a Bachelor‘s degree with the duration of 4 years are provided.
Studies in these fields may be continued in the Master degree study programmes: Aviation Mechanics Engineering and Electronics Engineering.
Studies in Aircraft Piloting and Air Traffic Control are carried out according to integrated sudy programmes that alow minimising the duration to 5 years, upon successful completion of which the graduates are awarded a Master‘s degree in Aeronautics Engineering. Also, such a system ensures that the complex relation between theoretical and practical training is maintained according to all requirements. 
If you are interested in professional training
Professional training courses are organised, according to request, by the Aviation Specialists‘ Qualification Improvement centre which provides training courses for both the newcommer to aviation, who wants to enter the industry as a qualified specialist, and to the already working specialist, who wants to improve his qualification in one specific area. The centre also organises aircraft piloting training to those who wish to obtain a pilot‘s licence not only for work but for recreation as well.
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