Sitemap Mano VGTU Medeinė

Research fields

  • Management of integrated aircraft diagnostic systems.
  • Transfer of data security methods.
  • Unmanned aircraft performance profiles (Epler program XFOIL, RFOIL, MSES) – unmanned aircraft stability and control.
  • 3-D configuration of unmanned aircraft wings and fuselage (PSW CK-Aero) – computational flow dynamics.
  • Ultrasonic flow rate measurement methods.
  • Manned aircraft in the airspace flow analysis.
  • Unmanned and manned aircraft flow simulation in the air space.
  • Aircraft flow visualization in three dimensions.
  • Research of artificial neural networks for unmanned aircraft management.
  • Rise in air flow identification tests using artificial neural networks.
  • Testing of manned and unmanned aircraft in the air space flight control procedures.
  • Manned and unmanned aircraft interoperability of joint air space research.
  • Various Lithuanian air space models, scenario analysis and experimental research.
  • Needs of navigation services in the Lithuanian air space study and analysis.
  • Modeling of the Lithuanian air space segmentation.
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