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The Department of Aviation Technologies has been established 18 years ago. Currently the Department administers five-year integrated studies of Aircraft piloting and Air traffic control. After completion of studies graduates receive a Master degree in Aeronautics engineering. At the moment 89 Aircraft piloting and 58 Air traffic control students are studying in the department. Up to October 1st, 2011 209 graduates finished Aircraft piloting studies of them 152 were honoured a diploma in engineering, accordingly 136 graduates finished studies in Air traffic control, of them 98 were honoured a diploma in engineering as well. Furthermore, 29 honoured Air transport engineers and 52 Master degree students of this programme have been prepared. Since 2010, 29 Aircraft piloting students and 15 Airacft traffic control students graduated from the integrated Master degree programmes.
The Department of Aviation Technologies was opened in 1993 and Prof. Dr. Habil. Vytautas Giniotis was appointed the Head of the Department. Since 2007, specialists of aircraft piloting, air traffic control and aviation mechanics are prepared in the Department according to full-time integrated special professional 5-year studies, that provide the qualification of Master degree in aeronautics. Until 2002, the Department had issued masters both of aviation management and control management.
In 2007, the crop of graduates of aviation business management graduated from the Department.
Since 2004 the Head of the Department was Assoc Prof Darius Ereminas, and since 2006 Assoc Prof  Kazimieras Vytautas Maceika.
Since 1993, the Department of Aviation Technologies employs Assoc Prof Dr Darius Ereminas, Prof Dr Habil Algimantas Zakarevičius, Assoc Prof Dr Jūratė Patašiūtė, Assist Leonas Jonys. The following employees are working in a second position: Domas Balandis, Regina Čepaitytė, Ona Nijolė Žegūnienė and Aloyzas Stukas. Later graduates of the Department such as Virgilijus Kaminskas, Tomas Sitonis, Nerijus Maleckas, Liudas Mašnauskas and Margarita Paulaskienė joined the Department staff. The modules that are taught in the Department are: Aviation Meteoroloy, Aeronavigation, Aviation English and Lithuanian, English Phraseology for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Control Theory, Air Traffic Organisation, Flight Rules, Air Law, Aviation and Flight security, Technologies for Passenger and Load Carriage, etc. Only expierenced teachers give lectures for students. Flight Training Unit and Flight Control Practice Training Unit provide students with practice trainings.

Students who want to study aircraft piloting must get a medical certificate proving their first class health eligibility. The age limit for applicants is between 18 and 25. Students who want to become air traffic controllers must get medical certificate as well, but it should prove their third class health eligibility. Also, they have to pass psychological and physical tests positively. 
Our graduates work at various Lithuanian and foreign air companies, Miliotary Air Force, State Border Guard,  SE "Air Naviagtion", Civil Aviation Administration, Transport  and National Defense Ministries, AGA, etc.
  •     Brno Technological University, Chezk Republic
  •     Aviation Academy of Estonia
  •     Technical university Catalonia, Spain
  •     Rygos  technikos universitetas, Latvia
  •     VIA University College, Denmark
Student and lecturer mobility is organised in cooperation with these universities according to Erasmus Project.
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