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This Friday at VGTU - direct TEDxCERN broadcast

This Friday at VGTU - direct TEDxCERN broadcast
On October 9, at 15.30 students, teachers and members of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) community are kindly invited to participate at TEDxCERN broadcast by direct live link from Geneva, Switzerland, in the foyer of SRA I-03 auditorium. You are welcome to join informal conversations and discussions, drink tea and have snacks, joining the event or leaving it at any time.
The CERN laboratory in Switzerland has the world's largest particle accelerator - Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and they are the Internet pioneers in Europe. It is a unique research laboratory, with even 2.5 thousand employees and more than 12 thousand trainees, researchers, scientists, engineers, and students. CERN is VGTU partner.
Please find attached the program below (PDF format is available). You can also find the information and the event program on Facebook.
15:30–17:15 SESSION # 1: Rule-breakers
1. Tim Dixon (proposes that science embrace people power)
2. Linda Liukas (writes about coding for children because it is this era's literacy need)
3. Giham Kamel (sheds new light in the Middle East through scientific collaboration)
4. Michael Bodekaer (revolutionizes science education through 3D virtual labs)
5. Madeleine Lancaster (grows brain organoids to discover what makes us human)
6. S. Matt Liao (discusses how different neuro technologies can affect personality)
7. Imogen Heap (sculpts music with Mi.Mu gloves)
17:15–18:15 BREAK. Networking & Interactive experience
18:15–20:00 SESSION # 2: Visionaries
1. Rachel Armstrong (innovates and designs sustainable solutions that promote new transferrable ways of thinking)
2. Jeff Frost (merges visual and auditory art forms to create vast reverse light paintings)
3. Edda Gschwendtner (accelerates particle physics to create smaller colliders)
4. TED Ed animation (the origin of gold might be on Supernovas)
5. David Lunney (he now hangs around CERN’s radioactive beam facility ISOLDE, transmuting lead atoms into gold)
6. Sean Follmer (transforms the way we interact with each other through electronic devices)
7. Aleksandra or Donkey Drones
8. Neil Gershenfeld (redefines the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, making personal fabrication of prototypes possible)
9. Vikki Stone (brings love into the programme with songs about particle physics and physicists)
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