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The Aviation Institute was founded in 1993 and is since then lead by prof. habil. dr. Jonas Stankūnas. Specialists of all three study cycles are prepared in the Institute: Bachelor, Master and PhD. It consists of three departments: Aviation Technologies, Aviation Mechanics and Avionics; and Flight Training Unit (with aviation technical maintenance service (145 organization) and Flight simulator training laboratory), Air Traffic Control Training Unit and Aviation Engineering Practical Training Depot (147 organization).It also has an Aviation Specialists’ Qualification Improvement Centre.

Currently 377 students are studying at the Institute. Each year approximately 60 graduated are awarded degrees. In 2009 student Sigita Kašėtaitė was awarded the 1000th diploma of AGAI. Up to 2011 the Institute has prepared 1200 aviation specialists.

On 13 November, 1997 commemorating one of the most famous interwar Lithuanian aviators – aviation constructor, pilot, former Lithuanian Military Force war aviation brigadier general Antanas Gustaitis 100-th anniversary, the institute was named after Antanas Gustaitis.

The Institute began its activities in the premises of Faculty of Electronics. It was only a temporary place for the Insitute. Founding the institute it was determined that the Insititute should reside in the territory of Vilnius Airport.

This opportunity quickly arose. Due to the initiative to the then CEO of “Lithuanian Airlines” Stasys Dailydka a former administrative buiding of “Lithuanian Airlines” at Rodūnios kelias  Nr. 30 was reasigned to the Insitute. Later other buidings at Rodūnios kelias  Nr. 32 were purchased.

The work was very intensive: Institute structure was created, study programmes were prepared, departments were founded, 101 aircraft were purchased. The studies begano n the 1st of September, 1993. The activities were helped and supported by the Rector of the University prof. habil. dr. Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Vice-Rector for studies doc. dr.  Alfonsas Daniūnas and chancellor doc. dr. Arūnas Komka. 

Since the foundation the institute is cooperating with General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania. In the primary stage all students went through military preparation in this Academy and would obtain a rank of student officers in the Reserve force. Since 2007 VGTU Antanas Gustaitis Aaviation Institute and General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania work together according to integrated study programmes. The student officers learning aviation are designated by the Miliitary Academy nowadays. 

VGTU Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute aviation specialists are prepared according to six study programmes: Aircraft piloting, Air traffic Control, Electronics Engineering (Avionics), Automations (Aviation Electrical Equipment) and Aviation Mechanics Engineering. These simple titles disclose the complex professional and practical study system. The first two study programmes require specific practical training using special aviation equipment – aircraft and simulators. Therefore, specialised practical training units were founded – Flight Training and Air Traffic Control units. In 2008 Aviation Engineering Practical Training Depot was founded. In 2001 Aviation Specialists‘ Qualification improvement Centre was founded. The centre provides theoretical and practical courses for acquiring qualification or improvement. 

Lithuanian Civil Aviation Administration has certified all AGAI theoretical and practical training activities, which confirm that these activities meet the standard requirements of international aviation organisations ICAO and EASA.

Continuing the supply of the Institute with training equipment on February 13, 2008 The Government of LR approved „Programme for Aviation specialist training and training facilities‘ improvement in the period 2008–2013 ”. In 2009 Kyviskles aerodrome was assigned to the University; in 2010 new aircraft was purchased: three „Cessna 172 SP”, one „Piper Seneca V PA-34-220T” and fligth navigation and procedure simulator FNPT II MCC was installed.
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