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VGTU Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute (AGAI) is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) , preparing aviation specialists for the major areas of the aviation industry. Since its inception in 1993, the Institute has rapidly developed and now administers university level study programmes in all 3 cycles: Bachelor, Master and PhD. The Institute optimally qualifies students for a career start in the aviation industry sector by providing integrated study programmes where theoretical preparation blends with professional practical training. Study programmes in Aircraft Piloting, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Mechanics Engineering and Avionics are carried out. Apart from the university level studies, AGAI also provides professional training in aviation according to module programmes in the established Aviation Specialists‘ Qualification Improvement Centre.
Theoretical training is administered by three departments: Aviation Technologies, Aviation Mechanics and Avionics. Practical training is facilitated by the subdivisions: Flight Training Unit (with aviation technical maintenance service (145 organisation) and Flight simulator training laboratory), Air Traffic Control Training Unit and Aviation Engineering Practical Training Depot (147 organisation).
The institute not only prepares students for work in civil aviation but also works in cooperation with General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania. Since 2007, students from the military academy may study aviation according to integrated study programmes.
Continuing the supply of the Institute with training equipment on February 13, 2008 The Government of LR approved „Programme for Aviation specialist training and training facilities‘ improvement in the period 2008–2013”. Through this programme the practical training base has been improved.
  • Kyviskes aerodrome, assigned to Vilnius Gediminas Technical University as the training grounds for pilots and air traffic controllers
  • Aircraft: single engine aircraft with piston engines Cessna-152 and Cessna-172, Cessna-172SP and double-engine aircraft with piston engines  Piper 34-220T 
  • Flight navigation and procedure simulator Ascent® FNPT II MCC, manufactured by Canadian company Mechtronix Systems Inc.
  • A newly installed flight control simulator complex
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